Museum Bookstore

Our museum reception area has a selection of souvenirs, postcards and books for sale.

Publications sold in our bookstore:

  • Mallacoota Reflections – M&DHS Inc.

  • Mined Off Mallacoota (A WWI Maritime Military History of East Gippsland and the South Coast of NSW) – A Report Prepared for M&DHS Inc. by Dr Sarah Mirams

  • The Wolf - (How one German raider terrorised Australia and the Southern oceans during WWI) by Richard Guilliatt & Peter Hohnen

  • East Gippsland's ANZACs - A tribute to all who served in World War I - Heritage Network East Gippsland

  • Gipsy Point Cemetery (Burial Records) – Gipsy Point Cemetery Trust

  • Border Tales (Genoa, Wangarabell, Wroxham, Timbillica, Maramingo, Nungatta, Wingan and Gipsy Point) – Genoa Town Committee Inc.

  • Few Friendly Lights – (Stories about the lives of some of the people who came to Mallacoota and surrounding areas in the early days of settlement)Robin Hingeley

  • People of the Lake (Stories of Merimbula) – Helen Swinbourne & Olwen Morris

  • “When WW2 Came to Mallacoota” by one of our volunteers, Dot De Geus

  • Shipwrecks on the South Gippsland Coast – Don Love
  • Shipwrecks on the East Gippsland Coast – Don Love

  • Shipwrecks on Victoria’s West Coast – Don Love

  • Shipwrecks of Port Phillip – Don Love

  • Shipwrecks around Port Phillip – Don Love